10 Best Websites and Apps To Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC)

Craving Free Bitcoin? Discover the top 10 websites and apps to earn BTC through surveys, microtasks, and more. Learn how to get started!
Best Websites and Apps To Earn Free Bitcoin

There are various ways to earn Free Bitcoin, and one of them is by using free cloud mining sites to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This article will provide you with 9 websites or apps to generate Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Best Websites and Apps To Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC)


CryptoTab is essentially a giant mining pool that utilizes the combined power of many computers to earn Bitcoin.

To earn Bitcoin from this site, all you need to do is download and install the CryptoTab extension on Chrome. Then, the extension will automatically work as you browse through Chrome. You can also invite friends and earn more Bitcoin.

Remember to log into the CryptoTab website using your Facebook or Google account to ensure the safety of your Bitcoin balance. If you don't create an account and accidentally delete the CryptoTab app, you may lose the Bitcoin you've earned.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase has a program called Coinbase Earn, which is an educational program that pays people to learn about crypto.

There are several different crypto asset learning programs available. To get started, visit the Coinbase website and select 'Earn' from the Products menu. Then, browse the available courses and start earning.

Coinbase will ask you to create an account before starting the courses. Each lesson will reward you with different crypto assets, but you can convert them into Bitcoin.


Cointiply is a free Bitcoin generator that can be accessed every day without any investment.

You only need internet access and an Android device to earn free Bitcoin every day. There are many ways to earn free BTC on Cointiply, including rolling coins and getting lucky with bonuses of up to 500,000 coins.

You can also earn additional coins by completing tasks such as clicking ads, filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.

Once you've accumulated coins, you can withdraw them to your desired wallet. You can also earn more bonuses of up to 25% by sharing your referral link.

Feature Points

Feature Points is an app that rewards you for trying out free apps. You can download and try out free apps to earn points.

You'll be paid in points, which can be exchanged for other rewards. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for Bitcoin.

To get $5 worth of Bitcoin, you need to collect 3000 points. The Bitcoin will then be sent to your Coinbase account.

Storm Play

Storm Play is a blockchain-based microtask app that gives free Bitcoin to its users. You can participate in short surveys, try out new products, watch videos, and complete simple tasks to earn rewards in Storm Token, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

Don't forget to enter a bonus code if you have one to get free coin bonuses. You can also earn more coins by inviting friends and sharing your referral link.

Daily Bitcoin

Daily Bitcoin gives you free Bitcoin once a day for visiting its website. You just need to view the ads provided by Daily Bitcoin. The more ads you click on, the more Bitcoin you'll earn. Daily Bitcoin also has a referral program that you can use to maximize your free Bitcoin earnings.


Another site to earn free Bitcoin is CryptoAddicted. You just need to watch ads on the site. The earnings vary depending on the reward amount in each ad.

Once your account balance reaches the withdrawal limit of 50,000 satoshis, it will be automatically sent to the Bitcoin wallet you've registered.

CryptoAddicted doesn't charge any fees, and you can also join its referral program, where you'll receive a lifetime commission of 10% for all user claims using your referral.


Moonbit.com is a free Bitcoin faucet that allows you to claim as often as you like. You can claim every 5 minutes or visit multiple times a day to earn free BTC.

Unlike most other Bitcoin faucets, there's no minimum amount to withdraw Bitcoin on the Moonbit site. So, you have the freedom to decide the amount and when you want to withdraw Bitcoin.

Moonbit also has a referral program that offers you a 1% bonus for every active referral user you get. Referrals are considered "active" if they perform at least 1 faucet claim in the last 72 hours.


DailyFreeBits.com is a site that generates free Bitcoin in the form of satoshis ranging from 100 satoshis to 1,200 satoshis every hour for 24 hours. The Bitcoin you earn will be sent instantly to your Bitcoin address via faucetbox.com. However, there's a minimum amount to withdraw rewards from this site, which is 2,000 satoshis.


Freebcc is a faucet site that will give you free Bitcoin. The first thing you need to do is have a faucethub wallet, then create a freebcc account.

On this site, just by visiting various other websites listed on freebcc, you can collect tokens in various amounts.

These tokens will later be exchanged for crypto balances such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other altcoins available on FaucetHub.

Those are the 10 websites for generating free Bitcoin. If you decide to use one or more of these sites or apps, don't forget to do further research to understand their benefits and risks.

Trading in all financial markets including cryptocurrencies involves risks and can result in loss or loss of funds. Before investing, do thorough research. All investment/trading decisions are in the hands of investors after knowing all the benefits and risks.

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